Autobiography of a Yogi Review, The Number One Mindfullness book

Autobiography of a Yogi

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This book changed my life, The more I go through it the more I learn something new. It’s basically a life manual for the people that wants to be mindful And make the best out of life.

The story of Pahamasa Yogananda, from childhood and being aware of everything from birth, his search for the divine mother, to discover his spiritual teacher, and to become a spiritual teacher himself.

This book contains so many life lessons that I will treasure and pass down to my kids and my grandkids before the incarnation as Mak come to an end.

These are some of my favorite stories out many other wonderful stories, I’ll tell them in my own word and what I learned from these stories.



The time when his brother sends them to the city with no money, to survive the whole day and to make it back to the house Without begging without stealing, just to depend on the divine mother to provide for their needs.

The older brother’s mind was focus on money as his source of life, but the younger brother Yogananda depend on the divine mother as his source of life. With Yogananda’s unwavering faith, the boys made it back to the older brother’s house.

The older brother asks to become the younger brother’s disciple. He realizes God comes first, and money is his slave. On a side note in Indian culture, the older brother never bows down to the younger brother.

The older brother usually comes second to the father who is the head of the house. In this story, I learn that faith In the divine mother/God/the infinite intelligence surpasses any amount of money in the world.


The time when Yogananda considering the yogi to be master, but the Yogi admit that he hasn’t done much to feel that he should receive God’s favor. He was surprised by the yogi’s response because he knows the yogi been meditating for 40+years. Yogananda thought that the people that haven’t passed the six-year Meditation mark might as well lose hope on the yogi journey.

But the master Yogi make sure to tell him that after 40 years or 50 year nobody should feel like they reach a place of expecting God’s favor in any way because God is eternal, 40 years or 50 years doesn’t mean much in front the divine infinite. Years of meditation has nothing to do with how deep you’re connected with the source of creation.


The time when Yogananda listens to his teacher Sri Ykteswar talking about how his teachers Lahiri Mahasaya taught him a hard lesson of believing in whatever the divine say without comparing what’s outside with what’s inside.

Sri Ykteswar’s best friend was very sick, so he went to Teacher Lahiri Mahasaya and the teacher said everything will be OKAY. So he went back to his friend, his friend was worse than before, on the verge of dying.

So he ran back to his teacher Lahiri and the teacher said the doctors I doing what they need to do, so Ykteswar went back in the friend actually pass while he was there.

He went back to his teacher sobbing, and the teacher told him to compose himself and meditate. Throughout the night Sri Ykteswar did but it was a struggle because his best friend passed.

Now Lahiri recognizes that his student needed a physical thing to wake up his and her faith, so he told Sri Ykteswar put seven drops of castor oil in his best friend’s mouth, even though the friend had passed away many days ago.

Ykteswar did what the Lahiri told him to do, the best friend woke up after the seven drops, dress, and came to see the teacher Mahasaya.

The teacher laughed and said next time you see a dead person make sure you use castor oriole, Sri Ykteswar realizes that there something his not understanding, so he asked and the teacher said I told you your friend was going be fine but you didn’t believe me.

Lahiri Mahasaya says to remember that the word of a true teacher is binding with the infinite, it doesn’t matter what you see in the outside if the divine infinite say something that’s what it will be. It doesn’t matter what’s going on with the physical senses, what you hear what you see what you feel, as long as your faith stays fully on the divine word of healing peace and abundant.


Those are three life stories out of many more, we just scratch the surface of all the powerful stories, each of them is full of life wisdom throughout every chapter in this book. I think this book is a must-have if you truly want to get the best out of life, by learning from someone who has dedicated his life to the betterment of the world.


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Autobiography of a Yogi

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